Minting an "Everything" Bagel

“Everything is Everything” is part one of a five-piece documentation series chronicling “2020: Total Clarity” Highley Varlet’s 7,000 mile walking journey around New York City. The series is titled "Post Clarity."

Each part of the series takes existing documentation genres and passes them through the filter of a burgeoning creative medium: Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs.

Reviewing the Future

“Everything is Everything” seeks to demonstrate the massive potential for NFTs as a platform for critical review. The days of giving away one’s insights and experiences to giant web aggregates for nothing more than a user score are waning.

With NFTs, industrious artists and critics can create their own universes of subjective evaluation, undergirded by the robust indexing potential of smart contracts. Creators can take observed properties, catalogue them, and convert them into mathematical rarities.

Already there exists a vibrant ecosystem of individuals and collectives eager to celebrate innovative and thoughtful expressions of value. While it is doubtless the NFT landscape will evolve, its impact will not soon diminish.

The Collection

This first series of “Post Clarity” is a 203 piece collection - 202 for each bagel reviewed and 1 piece (#0, Genesis Everything) that both describes the review criteria for each category and calibrates the data set to ensure a 5/5 review scale. There are no immediate plans to offer #0, Genesis Everything for sale.

"Everything is Everything" is a Creative Commons CC0 project, free to use within the standards of public domain.

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